About Us


KOV Medical is a healthcare solutions and medical device company, that was founded in 2019 within the United Arab Emirates. Our business was developed on the basis of three core elements, that drive each area of our growth. These core elements are; innovation, quality and affordability. 

KOV Medical globally sources and distributes the most innovative medical products, that are of the highest quality. Our company prides itself in introducing sought after medical solutions to market with unrivaled service delivery, at the most cost-effective prices. We are focused on optimizing patient care and delivery, thereby improving the lives of our patients and medical partners. 

Our primary objective is to make effective and affordable healthcare, accessible on a global scale. 


Our values guide our company to achieve the KOV Medical strategy. Our employees are integral in our ability to achieve this mission. Therefore, we have introduced the below values, in order to define our company’s culture and behaviour. 


What makes us leaders

A focus on superior and innovative medical products.

Cost leaders within our product offering.


Vetting competence in terms of suitable suppliers.

Establishing strong and sustainable partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Highest level of technical intelligence for the medical industry and its products.

Hands on training for the utilisation of all our products.

Proven distribution model with short lead times and efficient inventory holding.

Close relationships with health providers ensures success through sufficient evidence and testing of all our new products (proof of product).


Custom solution driven approach to our customers needs.

Our company is licensed and accredited by the Government of Dubai and Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

We offer dedicated representatives to assist in all forms. All our representatives have a comprehensive knowledge of our product range and are able to assist in recommended surgical technique. All our representatives are CRICE certified, including In Theatre Certification.


Tel: +971 (0) 45643561

Mob: +971 (0) 529878926